a cute room…

February 27, 2009

probably one of my favorite houses from a recent domino magazine. the ruffalo’s home is just amazing. by far, my favorite room was the children’s room. i love the jenny lind beds. i’m thinking of getting one for z man’s big boy bed he’ll need when little sister get’s here.

6 thoughts on “a cute room…

  1. Alana

    Hi Caroline,

    I saw your comment on my site. I totally think you can do this in a boy’s room.

    I’m getting 2, one for our son and one for our daughter. They’ll both be in the dark wood. I think it’s totally boy-ish with the right bedding. Think of the dark wood with some 50’s cowboy bedding. How cute!

    Even on your site you have one that’s vintage boy with that frame. I’d go for it.



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