etched glass jars…

March 30, 2009

i’ve always wanted to try to do a project like this with etched glass. has anyone tried using etching cream before? i’m wondering how hard/easy it is?

i thought this was a cute little project from martha stewart. directions here.

{via apartment therapy}

13 thoughts on “etched glass jars…

  1. naomi carmen*

    hi caroline, thanks for stopping by over at my blog for your answer on my question. my edges are mostly fine, just one tiny little part sticking out slightly. but anyway, as long as the kids don’t get a hold of them i think they should be okay. it was so easy and fast to make some of those cans today. i feel very productive!!! 😉

  2. The Maltese Kat

    I taught a class for a while etching barware using the etching cream. You should wear a resperator, when I do it at home, I wear a mask. Not sure if I would do it while pregnant, you may want to read the bottle to check. The stuff is pretty intense. Email me at if you want more info. on process, etc.
    -Katie (MalteseKat)

  3. Jill

    oh i love that look!

    i have been collecting jars like that for flour and sugar. I was just going to do something with the lids but i really like the look of the etched glass.

    i remember etching mirrors in junior high, it wasn’t hard. we just used contact paper and exacto knives. then we slathered the paste over them.

    i’ll have to look up instructions again.

  4. Mariel

    Am I your best commenter today? I’ve always wanted to do these too, I heard it’s really easy. I saw some cute Christmas gifts done once where they did the bottom of a casserole dish and filled it with goodies, wrapped in celophane. Really cute.

  5. Courtney Heath

    I love these. I did use etching cream once and it was a TOTAL disaster. It was a LONG time ago though so maybe products have improved. I might suggest buying a cheap frame or glass first and doing a test run. Seriously mine was a disaster and I’m pretty crafty.


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