i could eat this everyday…

March 24, 2009

angel food cake

{photo by me}…… oh wait, i have been. for the last week and a half at least?

i’ve just been loving all the great sales on berries the last little bit.
i’ve eaten so many strawberries lately that i think i just might turn into one.

a while back i asked my mother in law for the recipe for her yummy angel food cake. and, she laughed at me and told me it was a betty crocker cake mix. really? and, now it’s my go-to angel food cake. just buy a box, add water, mix for 1 1/2 minutes and throw it in the oven. i’m fine with that!

i usually add a little lemon zest and about a tablespoon or two of fresh lemon juice to the batter, and it tastes great and is easy peasy to make.

other favorites of mine on angel food cake are:
homemade whipped cream [you just can’t use cool whip, homemade is SO much better]
lemon curd, [stephanie shared an amazing recipe, click here]
berries, [of course]
and a little lemon zest to pretty it up!

et voila! the best angel food cake ever!

8 thoughts on “i could eat this everyday…

  1. Rachel

    I love angel food cake.

    Guilty secret? I sometimes buy a little loaf of the prepackaged fake strawberry flavored stuff from the grocery store and snarf it down without any help from anyone. My guy thinks it is the most bizarre/disgusting craving ever.

    I think I’ll upgrade to cake mix for sure. It is much more respectable.

  2. Carrian

    YUM!!! We have been berry crazy over here too! We are having lemon yogurt cake and berries tonight actually! How is everything going by the way?

  3. chira

    first of all, I LOVE your blog!! 😀 I never liked angel food cake–until I made the Betty Crocker one for a fondue night and now it’s my favorite! It’s so yummy! I’ll have to try it with the lemon! –and berries! 😀


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