retro red…

April 24, 2009

we got this retro radio flyer trike for my little z man for his birthday. [the streamers were promptly removed by the mr., since it’s a “boys bike”] ..after putting it together, we realized he’s still not quite big enough for it.

do you think he’ll remember that he played with it a few months back by christmas time?

…it may end up under our tree with a big red bow from “santa.”
i just love this bike. it’s timeless… something his grandparents could have had!
i also love this ride on and this one.

4 thoughts on “retro red…

  1. Katherine

    Add something to it like fins or something to take it to the next level, and even if he does remember it, Santa had it in his workshop!

    PS, Streamers are totally gender neutral in my book. Silly Mr.

  2. Michelle

    I loved your circus party! I just had a “tiny two” themed party for my little girl’s birthday and we looked all over for a little bike or trike to give her but couldn’t find one I really liked. I’ll definitely have to check this one out. Again, you did such a great job with the circus theme – I love parties where everything ties in to a common theme….so fun!

  3. paula

    My daughter has this same bike and my little man is too small for it too. I hope he can fit it soon so sister can get a bigger bike.


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