beehive bazaar…

May 1, 2009

i know you are all probably more than sick of hearing about the beehive 
just wanted to post a pic of my table set up.
last night was a huge success already. it was jammed packed in there. 
[a little too packed for
my comfort]  i weaved my preggo body all over the place bumping 
into everyone. but, it was good.  
it’s nice to see all the support for local artists.
so, thanks to all who purchased jewelry from me already.
some of you came up to me and told me how much you like my jewelry, 
which was really sweet.  
so thanks!
and, if you haven’t had time to check out the beehive bazaar, you still have 
today until 10 pm
and tomorrow until 8.
see post below for address etc.
[and, p.s. what is with blogger? it’s having serious issues this morning?]

7 thoughts on “beehive bazaar…

  1. megan

    Great kick off last night! Your table looked fab. You have such beautiful jewelry. Fun to see you last night too. I love my little flowers I got from you and i am wearing them right now. Good luck the rest of the bazaar.

  2. Colleen

    The Beehive Bazaar sounds so fun. Sounds like Provo is getting with it. I think you and I would be great friends if we were to meet. I just discovered your blog today and I love the boy’s circus birthday. I’ve been featuring bday ideas on my blog all week. I’d love to feature your lovely blog on mine. Thanks so much.

    -C. Warren

  3. Nancy Sabina

    I love the frames. Very clever. I sure wish I could be there (VA is a little too far away though)! I love your stuff. I often don’t buy jewelry since I can make it myself, but I just love how you put things together. I should just break down and buy something! I’m glad you’ll be putting more stuff in your Etsy shop soon.


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