May 21, 2009

ok, does anyone have either the phil and ted’s double or bob revolution double jogger? please let me know what you like, don’t like about it. i’m having the hardest time deciding.

i’m leaning towards the bob since i will need a jogger regardless, but is it too huge to bring around in your car at stores etc..?

or any suggestions on a good double? i’ve loved my maclaren in the past. but, again i’m not sure if i want to buy a double, and a double jogger? [sorry such a boring post..]

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  1. Missy

    I bought Phil & Ted's Vibe from They have free double-kits offers! I love this stroller. It is very comfy for my baby, and has a smooth ride. Also, I think it's the least bulky doubles stroller out there. I love the inline feature rather than side-by-side seats. Plus you can easily switch the stroller from a 2 seater back to 1. You can also jog with it!

  2. marta

    thanks for posting about this!!! have been needing some advice on a baby jogger. and congrats on your second. yay. what fun. xo.

  3. Christina

    I have the Phil and Ted stroller. I purchased it 2 1/2 years ago when I had my second and it still works for my kids (ages 4 1/2 and 2 1/2) and it’s also still in great shape. It’s definitely more for light jogging use (if you’re running 3+ miles daily I’d get the BOB), but it’s been a fantastic stroller. Now I have #3 on the way and can’t wait to continue using it!

  4. Kera

    OMG Listen to me. buy the bob. The phil and ted is NOT a jogger. Especially if you have the second seat. You will hit your knees if you try to run. The bob is great especially if you get the revolution. the wheel can rotate and if you get the 12″ AW the wheels will be even smaller. It is obviously larger, but if you run at all it is no question. Plus they make this thing called the boogey board to attach to the brake bar and you can have an older child ride it so you can have three. phil and ted is great but not for jogging. good luck and your blog is cute!

  5. Kera

    one more thing. the bob folds up so easily and is relatively light, so as long as you have a suv or a wagon, it will fit no problem. I also waited until my youngest was 4 months old and then i didn’t have to buy the adapter thing for the car seat. It’s so funny- i was having this same struggle like a minute ago and my hubs bought the bob for me for mother’s day. best thing ever!

  6. Krista

    i was so gonna say phil and ted, but kera may have changed my mind..i don’t want my legs hitting the second seat..that would not be good. i’m glad you asked this question.

  7. Allison P.

    I have a BOB and LOVE IT! I am a regular runner (3-5 miles, 3-5 times a week) and it is fabulous. It is huge, though, so it’s not really a mall kind of stroller.

  8. kelli

    I've had the P&Ts for the last three years and am now using it as a double. I bought it in Boston where I needed a sturdy stroller that got a LOT of mileage and could climb the streets/sidewalks well. It's been great, and like another commenter mentioned, is still going strong. The pros are a bit obvious (narrow for a double, built well, converts to single, etc.) but these are the things I've learned that I don't like about it:
    *it's heavy. getting it in and out of a car isn't extremely practical. But it's worth it for longer walks/ paths that you can't take a standard stroller on. I'm assuming that the BOB is the same way.
    *you can't fold the stroller with the double kit attached (at least with my model), but that's not a huge issue- it takes a couple of seconds to get that on/off.
    *I guess they now sell infant carseat straps, but it's certainly not as easy as a stroller that's the same brand as your carseat- simply snapping in.
    *like other comments have pointed out- you can jog with it, but it certainly isn't a jogger.

    My opinion- if you can only get one stroller- this is probably the way to go. Otherwise, (if you're a runner) get a jogger and maybe a narrower, light weight double stroller. (I've heard great things about the Maclarens). We made our decision based on the great price for a double and being able to easily convert it into a single. 2-in-1. I'm happy.

  9. Sarah

    we had this same problem and bought NEITHER! Because my 3.5 yr. old(average size girl) complained about BOB being too small for her. Her head hit the canopy and her legs were dagling off. And we didn't like the P&T because the kids can't socialize(more like fight). So went with a Babyjogger city series. They are awesome! Three of my friends also have them and love them. They fold super easy and small, turn on a dime, and have plenty of room for growing kids! Good luck!

  10. LJ and DC

    Recently found your blog on my google reader and love it 🙂 My bro works at REI where they sell both the P&T and the Bob. We're expecting and he's officially ORDERED us not to buy the P&T. Apparently they're constantly being returned to their store for broken parts. That said, maybe you could find one at a dent sale that wasn't too bad off. Not sure. Love your blog!

  11. abby

    I have the P & T Vibe and love it. Both my SIL's have other P & T models and love theirs too. We all use them as double strollers. They are all relatively light and fold up easily. I wanted a double stroller I could use for walking and for just regular outings. The side by side stroller would have been too bulky to use for shopping so we opted for the P&T. Don't regret it one bit! I love all the different seating options you get with both the main seat and the doubles kit seat.

    I wouldn't suggest getting it though if you plan to use it to run/jog. None of the P&T strollers are marketed necessarily as a jogging stroller. They are great for walking though but if you run the doubles kit is pretty close to your knees/lower legs.

    Happy shopping! 🙂

  12. i'm kelly

    okay i'm probably the wrong person to comment because i have both. i have the p&t & use it for my every day stroller & love it! i got it 2 years ago so the model i have is now considered the classic & my kids 4 & 2 still fit. i've looked into getting a new one – & the only thing i can say is i don't think the new vibe is as big in the back seat as mine is. but it's a fabulous stroller. but definitely not for jogging. & it's not the best stroller for an infant. you can lay the back down flat and put the infant in, but you can't do a carseat.

    if you are looking for a jogger because you are going to actually run then the bob is definitely the way to go. it's great – but it's so big, that's why i don't use it as an everyday.


  13. Claire

    I don’t actually own Phil and Ted’s Double but the lady I babysit for has one and I must say, it’s one of the easiest strollers I’ve ever had to push uphill to a park a 1/2 mile away. It’s smooth and goes up and down curbs with ease. Also the handlebar is comfy.

    I have friends with the BOB who really like it as well.

  14. breanna

    I found your blog on my reader too. I have the phil and teds sport. When i got mine 3 years ago, it was the only one available. I LOVE it! I seriously could not function out of the house without it! It has held up very well, and the customer service from regallager has been excellent. I now have 3 children-5,3, and newborn. My oldest is just barely too big for the bottom seat. I have had no issues hitting the seat when it’s on the bottom, and both babies have loved being rocked to sleep while lying flat. I also use the cocoon which has been very convenient when ridding the streetcar or going to restaurants. I love that it’s the only stroller i ever need–single or double. It has traveled to Disney several times and can even take the horrible sidewalks in New Orleans!My vote is for the phil and teds.

  15. Monica

    This is so funny, cause I just had my second child and went back and forth with my decision on a double stroller. It seriously was SO hard for me to decide!! I seriously stood in REI for like an hour trying to decide what I wanted to do! But I went for something totally different. We bought the Chariot. It can convert to a jogging stroller and a bike trailor. I want to jog with the stoller mostly, and we have bikes, so I decided to get the Chariot. The Bob just seemed to heavy and bulky for running all the time with. But I wanted the bob cause it has the infant carseat attachment you can buy, but I just realized that in the long run I would like the chariot more. I just decided I am goin to have to buy a smaller double stroller for going shopping and stuff. Ahhhh…I don’t know. I hope I like the Chariot cause it was a lot of money! Good luck with deciding!!

  16. Stephanie

    Caroline, I have the Phil and TEds. I like it a lot. People here ask me about it all the time. I am a shorter adult and it’s not too overwhelming. We bought it for our trip to paris in August and thought it was great. I too got rid of my Maclaren double although I love the Maclaren single. It’s so light!

  17. teamkc

    One word: CHARIOT! We have the double (even though we only had 1 daughter, but #2 is on the way) and we both LOVE it! It is SO light and has attachments for the bike and jogging and strolling…the one bummer is the cost – super pricey, but we found ours on and paid $275 with 3-attachments! You can’t beat that!

  18. Anonymous

    The BOB all the way! The Phil & Ted's connection joints are weak. The BOB is built so much better and stronger. My husband is an engineer and researched out both and decided the Phil & Ted's (while cute and different)would most definitely break (due to the plastic pieces–as opposed to the metal ones on the BOB).

  19. Trina

    definitely the Bob. I am telling you! I was set on getting the Phil and Ted and after months of research I went with the Bob to never look back. I already have my double and love it. I also recommend the small wheels. makes lifting that beast in and out of cars a little easier.
    When you wanna hang?

  20. **Maria **

    For jogging purposes ONLY I'd get the side by side. HOWEVER, and please don't hate me for saying this, if you are going to use a double stroller for anything other than jogging please get the phil and teds. I love it and there is nothing more annoying than being stuck behind a double stroller. Sidewalks are not wide enough for them, bathrooms are not either. I've been stuck in a Target bathroom stall with my daughter and our stroller while waiting for a mom to move her double wide…which she could barely do without walking out of the bathroom backwards because she couldn't turn it.


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