May 12, 2009

i’m so bad about picking out things for baby girls new nursery. truth is, i have already bought her bedding and cute pillows to match. but then i see nursery’s like this and i’m am again drawn to a simple room with some nice primary colors. [i’m obsessed with that rug] i’ll admit, i’m still deathly afraid of pink. the bedding i picked out doesn’t have too much pink. but, enough to scare me.

i really need to get deciding soon. i’m dragging my feet a little since the nursery can’t really be done since we need to move z man out of it and into our office and move our office to the basement where the room is only 50% complete.. i should probably be more stressed, [and i am, ask the mr.] but, since i don’t have everything finalized, i’m ok with pretending that it’s ok if the nursery isn’t ready when she makes her arrival in a month and a half.. or, i’ll just keep telling myself that.

[image abby goes, via nesting]

10 thoughts on “indecisiveness…

  1. AEO

    Okay, i adore pink, but that nursery that you posted is fantastic!! I can totally see why you would feel pulled toward the brighter colors. And, you will get most everything done……..don’t worry!!! But if there is more to do once she is here, really, she won’t notice!! GL in these last few weeks!

  2. the seventy tree

    That rug is amazing! This is a really lovely room…I can see why you are torn…there are so many lovely children’s rooms out there….constant inspirational confusion! Great blog by the way!
    Happy days to you

  3. naomi carmen*

    that rug is so cute, i can see why you like it! i know what you mean about being afraid of pink, but it actually isn’t too bad after all. your baby girl won’t even know if her nursery is done or not, remember how i started painting mine about a year ago? it still isn’t finished and now i am thinking of moving isabelle downstairs as well and use the nursery with the pink and blue walls as my craft room… i guess you could say i am pretty indecisive myself these days… hahaha… but those primary colors on that rug – i love them, and the motif is beautiful!!! good luck deciding…. 😉

  4. Fancy Elastic

    I’m with you on the pink fear. I also have blue fear for boys… why is the world obsessed with the pink girl/blue boy thing?

    And don’t worry, you don’t have to have the nursery ready, it will all come in time.

    Loving the blog.

  5. Abbey Goes Design Scouting

    hi! Thanks for the nice post — so glad you liked the nursery! Can’t wait to see your space… xox Abbey


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