6 thoughts on “goop…

  1. Shalise

    I love her too, but I had never seen the website, so thanks for sharing. She seems like she would be so fun to hang out with. I love it when people are super comfortable with themselves and their opinions.

  2. nicole

    hi caroline, it was fun to meet you at babinski's! i have liked looking at your blog and all your creative ideas.

    i too love gwyneth paltrow, and i'm obsessed with her goop emails. i seriously look forward to getting her weekly tidbits, and wish i had that wardrobe ….

  3. Jill

    i'm with you. goop is a favorite. gwyneth is just beautiful and i love reading her newsletters.

    (and i would love to own that isabel marant tunic…)

  4. amanda

    a good friend of mine blogged about this before too, and i love this site. gwyneth is such a nice, normal inspiration to have as a famous person. i love her tips and wisdom, as well as her style.

    also, i love your blog too. you've got great taste.


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