26 thoughts on “introducing…

  1. em ♥ muffin

    oh wow! she is beautiful!

    you can use the invite at piperlime but there's a pretty heft list of brands that aren't participating… if you want one let me know!

  2. jen

    she's beautiful Caroline! norah is the nickname for our second baby girl(eleanore) when she comes 🙂

    love the headbands and the cacoon!

  3. AEO

    Love the name, adore the baby in the picture!!!!!!!! Way too cute. I'm salivating and want to just eat her right up!!! Many blessings to your family right now!

  4. Megan

    Oh she is soooo sweet. Her eyese are so deep and warm. She must have a sweet spirit about her. And I really adore that headband. Did you make that??

  5. Jhon

    What a wonderful baby, Congrats. That headband is beautiful…
    Thanks for posting….

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