keeping busy…

August 21, 2009

these two have been keeping me a bit busy these days…but, i promise i’ll be back to blogging soon. i have a lot to share about some fun projects i’ve been working on. and, i hope to get the finishing touches to little n’s nursery done soon so i can share that. ’til then. ta ta. but, know, i’ve kinda missed this while blogging world. hope to be back soon! i’m determined to soak up the last bit of summer [i feel like i missed the whole thing!] have a good one!

7 thoughts on “keeping busy…

  1. Jhon

    They are so sweet kid, Enjoy the remains of summer with your lovely family.
    Thanks for posting…

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  2. koodeker

    Hi caroline! i found your blog via stephmodo's. congrats on having a baby girl. she's so precious. and i can't believe how big your boy has gotten, too cute! hope all is well 🙂 take care.

  3. Anonymous

    Ah, this post was written two days after my own little baby girl was born on 8/19. Little N is adorable. And her big brother is not bad either. : ) I don't blog, but I can definitely sympathize with the keeping busy factor.



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