recycled post: mini pumpkin wreath…

September 22, 2009

remember my cute pumpkin wreath i made for my door for last halloween?

i was just thinking about halloween decorations and thought some of you may want this tutorial from last year posted again to get started on some decorations.

i think i might make another one for this year.

i sure hope i can get to my halloween decorations from last year. they are also buried in the basement while it’s getting done..

click here for directions on how to make one.

3 thoughts on “recycled post: mini pumpkin wreath…

  1. Chelsea

    I found this last year and really wanted to make it but didn't get around to it…so I finally just did it yesterday! I love my wreath — thank you for the idea! I posted it on my blog and of course linked your tutorial and blog. Thanks! Darling blog.


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