sneek peak : norah’s nursey …

September 4, 2009

here’s a little teaser of a few corners of my little norah’s nursery i’ve been working on. i just have a few finishing touches to work on. so, hopefully i can get to them soon. unfortunately, part of my finishing touches are buried under boxes and boxes of things tucked in a corner out of the way as our basement is getting finished. so, i hope to find them soon.i’ve had a lot of fun doing a little girl nursery this time around!

18 thoughts on “sneek peak : norah’s nursey …

  1. Barbie

    I've been looking for some fake but nice quality flowers like those little yellow guys in the white vase. Any tips? Or maybe those are real…oh to have fresh flowers in my home all the time.

    Looking forward to more photos!

  2. Carolyn

    funny, I saved photos of your nursery back when it was featured on apartment therapy…and then while browsing your blog today, i was able to put the two together! so nice to meet you…kind of!


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