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October 27, 2009

for the last little while i’ve been trying to plan my dinner menu for the week in advance. some weeks i do really well, some not so much.
but, when i do get them all planned out it makes my life so much easier because i already have a list of things to cook for the week, and my grocery list is planned and i don’t have to make a million last minute trips to the store. which in the end saves a lot of time and money.
i usually make a list of about 4-5 dinners i’d like to eat that week. i don’t have each day planned in case i feel like a certain meal a certain day, but i do make sure i have all of the ingredients ready for all the meals. it also helps if somehow the ingredients can blend a little so i don’t waste fresh produce and such.
anyhow, here’s this weeks menu: [click on title for links to recipes]

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