October 7, 2009

just got back from a week long vacation at disneyworld in florida. we had the best time! so tiring, but fun!so, hopefully i’ll be back soon, once i’ve recovered… and, my piles of laundry get i’m just trying to relax and recover a bit. the suitcases are still hanging out on the floor and the mr. is picking up dinner from cafe rio!oh! and, guess who i ran into late last night at the airport? ms stephanie [nie nie herself]! she was just beautiful, and as nice as can be! i was a bit flustered waiting with my two kiddos and three large suitcases. she was a doll and asked if i needed any help since my husband was off getting the car. what a sweetheart. i’m glad she’s doing so well! did you catch her on oprah today? what an amazing person!

4 thoughts on “recovering…


    Caroline, I hope you post a few pic's of your trip. Spencer and I are trying to plan a trip to Florida in March (we will see if it works out) But I can't imagine what an experience it would be as a parent, seeing the magic of Disneyworld through our children's eyes.

    How cool to see Stephanie in person… I love her. I couldn't help but shed a few tears watching Opera today.

  2. jen

    how fun, i bet it was a blast!
    stephanie is such a lovely person I can imagine it was surreal and exciting to meet her in person.
    so glad you're back


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