norah’s blessing dress…

November 14, 2009

i completely forgot to post pictures of my little norah’s blessing dress.
i’m sure you got a little peek at it when you saw pictures of her room.
i hung it up to take a few pictures, then decided to keep it below her shelf because it looked so darn cute there.anyhow, i really loved her little dress, and she looked like a little doll in it. [see pictures of her in it on my photography blog, here] it’s a feltman brothers dress. i love it because it looks very vintage, and is very simple. my favorite part was the pink embroidery and pleats on the front!

5 thoughts on “norah’s blessing dress…

  1. Ashley

    Thank you for posting this! I am due with my baby girl (after 2 sweet boys) in March and have been searching and searching for the perfect dress with no luck. I love how it doesn't look like the "normal" blessing dress. Your little Norah is adorable.

  2. sinnlighet

    Your blog is wonderfully sensual and I love it!

    I want to leave a footprint to you from the very very south part of Sweden by….



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