a sugar high…

November 2, 2009

i’m coming off a major sugar high and feeling a bit sick from all the candy i’ve consumed this weekend.

i do hope your halloween went well!
we had a great time! i just love seeing all the cute kids dressed up.

my little ezra was a football player (he’s obsessed with football), and norah and little ballerina.
this week, i really need to get back to the grind and get ready for my upcoming shows. i need to make jewelry like crazy. so wish me luck!

9 thoughts on “a sugar high…

  1. naomi carmen*

    your kids were so cute!!! and i love these photos, you do such a great job taking them. i wish i had half your talent. i'll get there some day… 😉
    by the way, i got those eyelashes at walmart, of all places… i'm glad you liked them ;). it was so fun to actually get dressed up myself, too. it was my first time! too bad isaiah rebelled against wearing his costume…

  2. Barbie

    It was fun to finally see your face! I like Ezra's football costume. Did you find it at the BYU Bookstore? My boys would love something like that…. I enjoy your blog very much. It's fun to have a blog that's local (I'm in South Jordan). 🙂 Happy Fall!


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