best of 2009 …

December 28, 2009

as the new year is approaching fast, i thought i’d put together a best of 2009 post.

so, here you have it.
the most popular posts original from the armelle blog, from 2009!
:: last minutes christmas decorations :: posted after x mas on jan 12, 2009

:: my valentine hearts on a string :: posted february 4, 2009

:: ginger carrot soup :: posted february 24, 2009

:: my feather headband :: posted march 17, 2009

:: ezra’s easter basket toolbox :: posted april 8, 2009

:: ezra’s big circus birthday party :: posted april 15, 2009

:: a mini-me headband for baby girl :: posted may 19, 2009

:: the arrival of miss norah :: posted july 8, 2009

:: roasted tomato soup :: posted september 11, 2009

:: my little norah’s nursery tour :: posted november 10, 2009

:: christmas goodie packaging :: posted december 17, 2009

:: christmas packaging :: posted december 21, 2009

i hope you like this best of 2009 post!

it was fun for me to look back some fun things i was able to make/do this year!
i really love having this blog! it’s been a really nice creative outlet for me.
and, who knew that i’d get to come in contact with such nice people!

so, thanks to you all, whomever you are….
yes, you …the one who reads this blog!

it’s been fun to share my 2009 with you!

here’s to hoping for a great 2010!

6 thoughts on “best of 2009 …

  1. jessica lynn

    hi there!! just wanted to let you know that i had bookmarked your blog a long time ago and am just now circling back to it. wish i would have circled back sooner because i love the content and all of the pictures that you post!!!! added it to my google reader and you can consider me a daily reader 🙂 happy new year!!!


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