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December 21, 2009

people think i’m silly, because i almost like wrapping gifts as much as giving gifts. most of the time i don’t get enough time to wrap all my gifts so pretty. so, this weekend i tried to wrap as many as i had ready.if you’ve been to any of my jewelry shows, you’ll know i love to use vintage music sheets. i decided to incorporate the music sheets in my wrapping this year. plus, it’s nice to re-use/recycle paper.i also love all the paper doilies i’ve seen all over lately, and i’ve been using them like crazy. so pretty.if you like this style of packaging, here’s a few fun tips + things you’ll need:

  • brown kraft paper for wrapping gifts, or white gift boxes.
  • embellishments/trimmings- buttons [a new favorite], lace, ribbon, twine.
  • music sheets- i love to get most of my supplies at thrift stores. my favorite find was a vintage christmas caroller song book. on some, i was able to use actual christmas songs for the wrapping!
  • paper cake doilies. the mini ones are so darn cute!

  • paper tags. i use tags, or i make them with my paper cutter.
  • use a type writer. i had a fun time using my old type writer to type my gift tags. i wrote the basic to’s and from’s. and, some i got silly and wrote random things like “do not shake.”
  • don’t forget to layer, layer, layer. i think the more layers the better!
  • try something new! i pretty much didn’t wrap one gift exactly the same. it was a lot of fun using different materials and colors on each gift!

i hope this helps inspire you to get all your holiday wrapping done! sadly, i still have a lot more to do, but this is a start right?!

6 thoughts on “christmas packaging tips …

  1. jane

    caroline~ gorgeous packages! i too love wrapping my gifts all year long just as much as i like giving the gift. i have used brown kraft paper for years, but i love the doilies and details you added, so cute!

  2. Barbie

    these are adorable, caroline! definitely will be something i'll attempt next year, as mine are all wrapped under the tree, looking not nearly as cute at yours. great roundup of christmas decor in your post below as well! you're great.


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