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February 2, 2010

over the weekend, i read the road, by cormac’s a brief library description:it is a novel set in an indefinite, futuristic, post-apocalyptic world, a father and his young son make their way through the ruins of a devastated American landscape, struggling to survive and preserve the last remnants of their own humanity. ****i liked this book. although disturbing at some parts. i like the story of the journey of the boy and father. it made me think of my relationships and how you’d do just about anything to protect the ones you love and keep them from harm.

4 thoughts on “book review : the road …

  1. Jill

    i think cormac mccarthy writes beautifully. i loved each sentence… though some of the scenes still make me shiver. a friend recommended blood meridian but said it was darker than the road… i don't think i could take it!

  2. S'mee

    My husband and I chose to read The Road on our way home from Utah to Ca about a year ago. Although we liked it, we still refer to things in "shades of gray" or "are there ashes?" when things seem bleak or we need to just break tension. Oh my heck the ashes. It broke both our hearts in the end, well worth the read, although not the feel good book of the year.

  3. Anonymous

    I am World Trade Center survivor and had my first child a year later. I read The Road and although I loved the emotional bond between father and son, it tapped into my worst fears and anxieties. The author described my worst nightmare of being in an apocalyptic event with my child.It was a release to have my fears expressed in that story but it wasn't easy.


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