a tart for your sweetheart …

February 11, 2010

Fruit Tart
What better way to show your sweetheart that you love them this Valentine’s day than to make them this sweet tart!
Valentine’s Day is only a few short days away, and if you are like me, you are scrambling for some last minute ideas to show your sweethearts your love for them.
This tart is a great way to say “I love you.”  Because, I’ll be honest.  It does take a little time from start to finish. But, the reward of biting into this beauty is well worth it.
I came across this amazing recipe on a food blog called Annie Eats.  And, I’m sure glad I did!
The vanilla pastry cream is to die for!  It’s just the recipe I had been searching for, and in my opinion, it rivals any French bakery tart.
Find the recipe here.
A few notes when making this recipe:
– Be sure to read, and re-read the directions before making, so you have the timing right.
-Instead of regular vanilla for the tart shell and pastry cream, I added vanilla bean paste [amazing flavor and who doesn’t love to see the little vanilla bits in their pastry], and princess factor.  Princess factor is an amazing bakery emulsion liquid [almost a vanilla citrus type taste] that I bought at a local cupcake shop called Mini’s [and, a little goes a long way].  They actually sell vanilla bean paste as well, and that is where I bought mine.  I add it to all my baked goods.  And, let me tell you.  It’s amazing stuff.  It’s always my secret ingredient!
-When making the pastry creme.  Have all the ingredients ready to go.  When you return the pan to the stove after tempering the eggs, the pastry will bubble up quick.  Stir, stir, stir, then take it off when it says to.
-I made the pastry creme and the tart shell a day in advance, then assembled it the day of our party.  You’ll want to serve soon after completing, since the pastry creme needs to stay chilled and the apple jelly will dissolve into the kiwi’s if you wait too long.
-Instead of pie weights, which i didn’t have, I used brown rice over the aluminium foil.  You just need something to weight down the empty tart crust so it doesn’t puff up.  I also pierced it with a fork in the middle a few times.
-Be sure to assemble the tart on a cake stand or where ever you choose to serve it.  It is very difficult to move after it has been assembled.
-I used Strawberries instead of raspberries, but really you can use any fresh fruit.  Next time, I’m going to try Mango and Raspberries.  Doesn’t that sound amazing!
Well, good luck!

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  1. Searched And Found

    I was JUST talking to my friends the other day about this dessert and I was trying to explain it to them, but they just didn't get it. Haha, I'll have to send them this link!


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