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March 25, 2010

i’m really excited to finally start sharing some pictures of my new studio/office, or whatever you call it.i knew that i wanted to stain my concrete floors. until i found the wallpaper i wanted, i wasn’t sure on the color. but, i came across a photo from an old domino magazine, and it all came together from, here’s a little peek at my floors. we stained the concrete a nice aqua blue color and i couldn’t be happier with it!you know what else they are good for?taking pictures of my sweet little norah on them! they make for a perfect background, don’t you think?this is such a classic norah face. her little pursed lip smile…PhotobucketPhotobucketcan you tell by the last one that she’d had enough..i just love that sweet little girl. can you believe she’ll be nine months on the 1st? time flies …check back tomorrow and i’ll post some pictures of my wallpaper…i know, you are just dying in suspense right? well, probably not, but here’s a peek just in case.Photobucket

24 thoughts on “my studio: the floors …

  1. Celeste

    Darling darling darling. And no, I cannot believe that Nora is almost nine months. That's crazy. She's gorgeous. Dying to see the wallpaper up. I love it

  2. Polly

    I LOVE the floor! Oh and your sweet baby is oh so gorgeously cute! She's beautiful. And yes it does make a lovely background!
    I recently found your blog and I really like it so now I'm following along 🙂
    I adore the look of the wallpaper too. It's all so fresh and lovely. xx

  3. jessica

    Love that color! I didn't even know staining concrete was an option. It looks amazing. Love the wallpaper too!

  4. Barbie

    gorgeous and so fresh. i'd love it if you would post a tutorial and/or tips on the doing the floor and the wallpapering job.

  5. heather

    I love that you have a concrete floor. i would have never guessed by the photos – and I love that shade of blue!! So lovely. Your little nora is darling!

  6. marymary

    I'd love to second the requests for more info on staining a concrete floor. It's gorgeous! I have an unfinished concrete laundry room floor that I've been trying to decide about — and I didn't know about options besides the grey epoxy paint or the more rustic looking concrete finishing treatments.

  7. Between Blue and Yellow

    Love these floors, did you ever do a tutorial on how you did it and what you used? I can't seem to find it.
    Love your blog, you have great style 🙂 Please let me know about the floors, i want to do our basement similar.

  8. Kimberly Moore

    Just came across your blog and I LOVE it! Especially the series about your studio/office. i love the idea of the stained cement floors + you chose such a perfect color. Any tips on staining cement?! Thanks!

  9. Ashley

    I was just wondering if you would be willing to share where you got the concrete stain or what the name of the color is. It is absolutely beautiful!!! and that wallpaper is to die for!

  10. .caroline armelle.

    i used a stain from the home depot. it is call a concrete "stain" but it is mainly paint they can tint any color. it is a color as close to benjamin moore's robins nest that i could find there.

    just make sure to use a concrete primer before painting the color on, and then a concrete top coat, a clear one.


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