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March 1, 2010

wow! sounds like from your comments that you loved the book, the help too! it is getting a lot of buzz!

anyhow, last night i started the next book on my list, the happiness project.

i’ll post more about the book when i write up my review after i’ve finished, but i was intrigued by the first chapter and i have already gotten to work.

the first chapter is on organizing and de-cluttering your life. it completely makes sense that you feel a lot more at ease when you feel organized, and all is picked up.

so, wish me luck as i tackle my master bedroom closet today. i have a million other organization/de-cluttering projects. but, i’m going to take a deep breath and tackle one at a time, as to not completely overwhelm myself.

on that note, here’s a few pretty pictures to enjoy, and maybe even motivate you!
{jordan’s organized workspace/play area}{a wonderfully organized dressing room/closet, via design sponge, via russet street reno}{a front closet makeover, via real simple}{viv’s bookcase, via ish and chi}

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