where the wild things are party …

April 18, 2010


where the wild things are party

first, i want to thank you all for your nice comments on the invitations, and party favors i posted.the party went really well, and most importantly ezra and all his cousins had a blast!this year, i served more simple food, and focused more on the games and entertainment, since ezra is starting to get to the age where fun is more important.here are a few pictures from the party.

“welcome wild things”where the wild thins are party

where the wild things are partycrowns and wands for all the wild things

the wild guests {ezra + his cousins}cupcakes the food: green apples with caramel dip, green veggies with ranch dip, palm tree cupcakes, chips and dips, and “wild thing” water

Where the Wild things Are Cakethe “max” cakegames: pin the wolf tail on maxPin the Tail on Max Gamewhere the wild things are gameswhere the wild things are party

crown walk : we put the gold crown numbers in a circle, when the music stopped we would call out a number, and the person on the number won a prize!we also had a reading of the book at the beginning of the party. and, the small guests helped act out the book.
“thank you” mints for the older guests that said, “thanks for coming to the party … wild thing.” and, of course the party favor boxes for the kidswhere the wild things are cake the birthday boyย of course, i can’t believe this little guy is three?!

he absolutely loved the party, which made all the hard work worth it. it was a lot of fun to see him so excited for his birthday this year!until next year…oh, and before i forget.

here are some great wild things inspiration i found on the web, from…
kristin eldridge
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48 thoughts on “where the wild things are party …

  1. You Are My Fave

    I'm not surprised that it's absolutely perfect. I love the wands and the green and white color scheme. You have amazing taste and talent in making things pretty great.

  2. .caroline armelle.

    thanks guys!

    the striped plates and cups are from ikea.

    the big balloons {i've gotten a few emails about} are from zurchers party store.

  3. {jane}

    hey caroline, do you know where/who i can get tickets for the wednesday evening of beehive bazaar? i really want first pickings! please, let me know!


  4. Eddy and Tiffany

    cute party! you do such a great job. I haven't read blogs in about 6 months, and i just hopped onto yours today. I'll bet he loved it! Oh- and I went to Cafe Zupas yesterday for my birthday- which I heard of from you = best food EVER!

  5. Abby

    I love it! A fresh, original theme, and such a cute result. I particularly love the welcome sign and pin the tail on Max. Lucky Ezra!

  6. holly

    I just stocked up on some of those striped cups and plates at IKEA last weekend….Love them and love the way they worked into your WILD THINGS theme! LOVE IT!

  7. Rose

    I just keep coming back to this party! Love it! This may be a weird question but I was wondering you could let me know where you found the individual ranch containers? Thanks!

  8. .caroline armelle.

    hi rose.

    i actually found those at super target near the deli.

    hope this helps.

    and tete. the crowns are from zurchers party store.

  9. Rose's Notes

    The presentation of your veggies and fruit is great. I'll eat it up — I love it so. What a wild rumpus this must have been! There is a Maurice Sendak exhibit at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, now, Spring 2013. Maybe I will have an after-museum-trip gathering to use some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Chenelle Akal-Dalbon

    I will be doing this party this weekend for my little girl (she turns 1)
    I was wondering how did you do the pin the tail on the max? I googled the image but for some reason I can not detach the tail =( I was going to Staples to get them to print it

  11. amy adams

    Hi. Does anyone know the copyright law on the images for "where the wild things are". I wanted to make and possibly sell something with an image used from the book but I'm not sure where I can possibly buy the image. Any help is greatly appreciated

  12. carolinedrake Post author

    @ amy adams.

    my guess is it is copyrighted for reselling the images.

    hope this helps.

  13. amy adams

    Caroline thank you. I see people making stuff with the image. I'm wondering how they can do it.


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