wild rumpus party invitations…

April 1, 2010

thanks for all of your nice compliments on my studio!

i’ll be sure to answer all your questions about the wallpaper and floors in a post to come.

until then, i’ve been busy designing a wild rumpus birthday invitation for ezra’s 3rd birthday next weekend. i decided to do a “where the wild things are” party, since it’s one of his favorite books.

i kind of feel like i have to live up to his big circus party last year… ha ha..
well, not really. the truth is, i love to plan and throw a good party!

here’s what i’ve been working on. i’m going to print it on watercolor paper or textured cardstock, i think.


Where the Wild things are party Invitations

where the wild things are party invitations
i’ll post some more pictures when i have them printed and packaged up cute.

take care…

10 thoughts on “wild rumpus party invitations…

  1. jen

    i love his little face added in!
    i always wanted to print invitations on veneer, i bet it'd look great on wood.

    p.s. love the studio! little n is absolutely precious too.

  2. becky

    ummm….are you kidding! of course i just love that! i may have to send a picture over of max, just so you can send one my way to frame!


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