decisions, decisions …

May 28, 2010

Photobucketi’ve gotten a lot of inquiries about how my studio/office is coming along.

well, it isn’t coming along as much as i hoped. other than i did put my two new desks in there, and a lot of stuff i need to sort through.

but, i do hope to get crackin’ on things.

i’m currently trying to decide on chairs for my desks. i have two parsons style desks against my wallpaper wall. {which will also get some built in cabinets and other things..}

i would like to get some white chairs, and ones that i can put little felt protectors on the bottom so i don’t chip up my newly stained/painted concrete floors. and, something semi-comfortable, since spend a lot of time making all my jewelry in there.

here are a few options i’m currently looking at:
Photobucket1. ronnie chair
2. gilbert chair
3. vienna chair
4. modern stacking chairhere is another view of one of my desks.Photobucketso, what do you think?….what is your pick?..any other suggestions you think would look good?do share!

15 thoughts on “decisions, decisions …

  1. Stephanie

    #1 is not only a fabulous chair, but is the most comfortable of the 3. And if you're sitting there making your gorgeous jewelry all the time, well…

  2. Pixie

    I say #4. I like #1 but it might be too "leggy" and busy at the bottom when against the wallpaper. lol..but what do I know. I say go with what feels comfortable!

  3. The Pierce Pack

    I would go with something with more color to it or something with a clear back so you can either continue seeing the wallpaper or something that will break up all the white but match the wallpaper colors.

  4. "My colors are Blush and Bashful" -Steel Magnolias

    i agree with "the pierce pack" but i do love #1, it looks like it would be comfortable!

  5. Barbie

    I love #1 and it does look to be the most comfortable. If you're not committed to white though, I think the Emeco Navy chair look, called the Bandit at CB2 ($119), or the compact Salt Chair from DWR ($125) would be nice for a touch of vintage classic.

  6. Fritzi Marie

    Oh my goodness…the wallpaper looks so pretty. I love the Vienna chair. Maybe you could find something vintage and paint it. It's yard sale season.

    love and hugs,
    Fritzi Marie

  7. Anonymous

    I like #1. I can't work in an office with a chair with arms. So I usually have to have ugly ugly "office" chairs.

    By the way, any luck on finding out the source for the wallpaper?


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