getting started …

May 20, 2010

Photobucketi finally have a second to get my little three year old ezra’s big boy room together. i feel bad that he’s basically had a bed in an empty room for the past little while. i just haven’t been able to find the right inspiration i’ve needed for his room yet. what bed to use, bedding, etc..i do know that i want to use this pillow in his room. i’ve had it in mind for a while. but, i think i’ll make my own version like liz did here.i’ve been on the hunt for some big boy furniture to paint dark gray. i love the color of this crib below, and i’ve had this picture in my inspiration file for his room forever. wouldn’t that yellow cross pillow just look amazing with the gray?{pic}

5 thoughts on “getting started …

  1. Katie

    Yellow & grey is one of my favorite color combinations right now. I think using it for a little boy's room is perfect! Just the right amount of cheerful and boyish.


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