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May 12, 2010

Photobucket****comments are closed ***********many of you asked where i got my darling bunting pillow in this post.well, you are in luck!

the talented susan, of freshly picked is offering you all a chance to win this darling bunting pillow!you’ve gotta check out the detail on it. here’s the front:Photobucket….and, the back of the pillow.
{i’m in love with the brown and white stripes!}Photobucketon second thought, it looks really good next to my nightstand, right? maybe i should win?! …just are the rules for the giveaway: {comments are now closed}
1. you have 5 days to enter this giveaway {the giveaway closes sunday may 15 at midnight}
2. check out the freshly picked shop and tell me your favorite item.
3. make 1 comment on this post to enter. *unless you follow the rules to enter more than once, see below
4. no anonymous comments please
5. usa residents only
6. winner will be chosen via and announced monday may 16th

*for more entries you can: {one entry per option! giving you up to three extra entries}
1. become a follower/subscribe to
the armelle blog.
2. become a follower/subscribe to the
freshly picked blog. if you aren’t yet, you should be… have you seen her tutorials?
3. blog about this giveaway on your blog and put the link in your comment/entry.
**be sure to put one comment for each extra entry if you. the additional comments can be something like. .. “i follow the freshly picked blog,” or “i follow your blog,” or “i blogged about this giveaway here.”** good luck!*please email me if you are interested in doing a giveaway on the armelle blog.

175 thoughts on “giveaway: freshly picked bunting pillow …

  1. Polly

    I'm so sad that this is only for usa residents. I love that cushion so much that I even blogged about this back when you posted your nursery photos. I got really excited when I saw this on google reader until I read down 🙁

  2. Tamsin

    Also, I subscribed to Fresly Picked, because, heavens to Betsy, I could use some tutorials like that in my life!

    (You've been in my Reader for months!)

  3. Melissa

    Also, became a follower of Freshly Picked. Can't wait for the tutorials!


  4. mark

    i never win anything… 🙁 but theres always a first to everything right? good to see you at the bazarre!! my friends and i bought 3 of your darling necklaces!

    my favorite is the moccasins hands down! love freshly picked!!!

  5. Rachelle

    Love it all. The ruffle organza skirt and gold leggings are a must for my 3 year old. I love the pillows too – the bunting and the beard/hair. Too fun!

  6. erica

    i love this pillow so much. i actually saw it at the beehive baazar and have been kicking myself that i didn't buy it. so so cute.

  7. Mrs. Dub

    i already subscribe to your blog (and have for almost as long as you've been doing it), but sadly don't comment much. bad me!

  8. You Are My Fave

    This might be the most perfect pillow ever. It's my fave in her shop. I'm a subscriber of both you and Susan.

  9. thirtynothing

    love the bunting pillow but didn't see it in the shop, so technically speaking my 2nd fave is the beehive wallet. So cute!

  10. Fritzi Marie

    OH, my… I am in love with the his and her beard/hair pillows. They are almost as cute as the bunting pillow. Which is fabulous.
    I am already you're follower and I am on my way to being a Susan follower.

    Fritzi Marie

  11. Annie

    I'm dying over that pillow. And, I'm a loyal subscriber to your blog and am now following freshly picked as well. Love that ruffle organza skirt. Everything is amazing, really.

  12. Meg

    ooo i just adore that pillow!! love her shop! my favorite item? definitely the momma skirt. sooo dang cute!

  13. soisses

    love the hear pillow – it is really funny and cool!

    i LOVE pillows – especially your giveaway!!! i really hope, that i will win…

    yours dani

  14. Barbie

    The bunting pillow is my fave…but the baby moccasins are adorable too. Glad to know about this blog! Thanks!

  15. Everylittlethingshedoesismagic

    I have two favorites… obviously the pillow and that moustache wallet!

    – Marisa

  16. Mandi

    I adore all of Freshly Picked products but my faves are the bunting pillow and the wristlet wallets. So lovely! Also, I just subscribed to both your blog and Freshly Picked's blog.

  17. ariel

    I love the pillow and the elastic waistband skirt! I've been meaning to follow that tutorial for a while now. Beautiful things!

  18. .Amber.

    I love that pillow! But I'm also in love with the his and hers pillows and that mustache wallet… sooo cute!

  19. The Duncan 5

    I like the Vines + Birds wallet. The mustache wallet made me laugh. I think the children's ruffle organza skirt is cute. I like the momma skirt, too. Cute shop.

  20. kersey

    I am a long time follower of Freshly Picked. The bunting pillow is my favorite, and I NEED one for my son's new nursery!

  21. Erika

    Well, besides this awesome bunting pillow (which I have just the place for) I really love her his/her beard hair pillows!!! So fun!

  22. mallory

    those adorable moccasins would be a great gift to any new mom! but definitely, the bunting pillow is my favorite!

  23. Kate

    I would love this adorable pillow- my fav thing in the store is the little zipper card holder purse with the lemons. I follow susans blog 🙂 ok. hope i win!

  24. release.refresh.renew

    Freshly Picked is one of those blogs that makes you feel that you can do anything you set your mind to. The idea that it's not impossible to make an adorable ruffled organza skirt for my sweet little girl or crafts that would make a manly man of a husband crack a smile (the his and hers are ingenious). I never tend to comment for giveaways but this current pillow really did light up that little "I'd love to recreate this!" spark in my eye. Win or not, either way, this pillow is absolutely perfect and the creative hands that designed it, I'd like to thank for posting a bit of cheer each day on her lovely blog.

    P.S. Sorry for writing so much, I just love all of this happiness…and it's my first time :]

  25. Elizabeth Johnson

    I love her blue flowers wallet or the mamma skirt (which I have the tutorial for and can't wait to make one for myself!).

    And I LOVE this bunting pillow.


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