14 thoughts on “le creuset …

  1. mrs. V

    christmas and mother's day brought with them each a piece in carribean blue. love the color. i also love the yellow, but my husband thinks it's a love that won't last.

  2. Polly

    Oh I always dream about this! My mum has a lovely blue one, but I don't think they sell the same blue anymore. I love the blue shown here, kind of turquoisey. I love the orange too. x

  3. Danni

    Ohh RED! Yellow is a faze, go with the classic red, it's quite lovely.
    Make sure to only wash with water, no soap 🙂

  4. Pixie

    Oh my word, that blue is beautiful. Sigh…one day. When I have cabinets and a stove big enough to cook on. lol…small studio apartment is ok, but I wish it had a REAL kitchen.


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