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July 16, 2010

i’ve been on the hunt for a big boy bed for my little ezra.

there are some darling modern style twin beds out there, but they aren’t exactly in the budget.
i love the oeuf sparrow twin bed.
especially the grey one.this argington ayres twin bed is also fun.i also love the boomer too twin bedthis kid kraft toddler bed [below] is a great look a like for only a $140 price tag. but, unfortunately it only comes in a toddler size. i wish i could find it in a twin for that great, i guess i’m still on the hunt…any suggestions that won’t break the bank?i’m about ready to try to make my own. i wish i knew how to build furniture.

8 thoughts on “big boy beds …

  1. Christy

    Hey thanks for the guide, i need one kids bed for my sister's kid and was thinking what to look for. I've previously bought my bedroom furniture but it was family bed so didn't had any idea of finding a kid bed
    What do you suggest for suitable pricing ?

  2. my name is heather...

    hmmm – anything good at ikea? or are they all made of plastic and bright colored? i'll give you the answer my husband always gives me when i say i want to buy something – "KSL." good luck! luckily i don't have to find a bed for my little man for another year or so….i'll come to you when i need to though!

  3. Holly

    Oh you guys! Of course, IKEA! the MALM comes in a TWIN. I have it in white in my 2 year old girls room. I love it, it is perfect… low, modern, clean lines and so affordable. 🙂

  4. Barbie

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with Ezra's room. I'm in the process of redoing my 4-yr old's with a bunk to accomodate his 2-year old brother before too long. We have a hand-me-down bunk but before we got it I was looking at the bunks at Ikea. Jenny on LGN did a post on the wood one that had some great inspiration photos. And a designer friend of mine used the Tromso bunk in her 2 boys' room and made me like it more. She did a dark grey on the walls and some great, vivid, boyish bedding with white letters on the walls with their names.


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