toddler vans …

July 26, 2010

while browsing ebay last fall for some new vans for my little ezra, i came across a shop that has a ton of cute styles of new toddler vans for only $15. {plus $5 shipping}only catch is that they only have size 5T. you bet i’ll be ordering some for norah when she hits that size. … which could be a while since she has the tiniest feet i’ve ever seen.anyhow, if you order them, let me know how it goes.

6 thoughts on “toddler vans …

  1. ERodg

    Honestly, you are my hero! I am in school for Fashion Design and am currently co-oping for a Graphic Design firm in Cincinnati, and I adore anything that involves paint, fabric, bright color, etc. Your blog is absolutely lovely and a daily inspiration!!! Continue with all of the amazing things you do!

  2. Katie

    I got my little girl those pink checkered ones when she was one. They fit her tiny feet perfect and she loved them! She wanted to wear them all time and they looked SO CUTE! I'm sad she grew out of them. If you live in Utah I got them at the Vans store in Fashion Place mall. I think they were about the same price, I can't remember exactly. I would buy them again in a heart beat!

  3. Kristin

    I bought the black and white version of the checked pair for my little dude and his feet were too chubby to wear them. HA! And thank you so much for entering our giveaway for The Sart and Domino books!


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