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August 31, 2010

my husband thinks i’m insane, but i just love food trucks! the food is cheap and good!so, it has been fun to come across some really cute food trucks around the web for the past little bit. here are my favorites.Summertime-sitting-in-a-tree1the MIHO gastro truck, via oh joythe darling enjoy cupcakes trailer, via unruly thingstin can treats, via party perfect so, do any of you know a good food truck in the salt lake city area?do share!

i saw the chow food truck here in slc, via life at 123 house. is it any good?

15 thoughts on “food trucks …

  1. Laci

    Ok this is your calling. Open one now. Serious. I always just go to the one by the delta center. What are some good/clean ones closer??

  2. sheila

    don't know any around SLC area, but if you are ever in Hawaii there are tons to choose from and have a variety of food (from Hawaiian to Japanese) and, like you said, always cheap and good!

  3. {Erica}

    Food trucks are the only place (other than our little restaraunt) in tahiti to get food. We call them Roulottes and they are yummy!

    Have you been watching The Great Food Truck Race?

    p.s. Chow, from what I've heard, is yummy.


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