free shipping, my birthday, + free golf …

August 9, 2010

just a reminder that FREE SHIPPING ends tonight [august 9th] at midnight in my shop.
be sure to take advantage. and, thanks to those of you who already did.

also, thanks for all the nice birthday wishes. i had a great 29th birthday!

i even got to cheat on our no sweets thing, [we’ve been off sweets since memorial day] and got an amazing raspberry tart from my favorite pastry place, gourmadise.

Photobucketwe also went to the new blue lemon location for lunch downtown, and walked around temple square and reminisced about our wedding day seven years ago.

norah and ezra had fun running wild.
Photobucketwe parked near the salt lake city art center, and they were having an exhibit where 18 contemporary masters each designed a miniature golf hole. it was fun! some of the holes were a little crazy. the children loved it of course.
Photobucketthe exhibit is going on until september 16th. it is worth checking out! and, it’s free! so, take the kiddos, they’d love it!i finished off my birthday with a great birthday nap, a movie, and all you can eat sushi! a perfect day!anyhow, today is my 7th wedding anniversary. so, i’m off to celebrate some more…!! august is a busy month for us!

12 thoughts on “free shipping, my birthday, + free golf …

  1. You Are My Fave

    1. Happy belated birthday!
    2. Happy anniversary.
    3. Your little babes are the cutest.
    4. I will be going to that exhibit, it sounds awesome.

  2. Jessie

    Happy belated Birthday from a random blog reader! 🙂

    ps. You're clothes are adorable.

    Polka dot top???

    Floral top????

    Green Shoes???

    I must know where it all came from!

  3. .caroline armelle.

    thanks for the nice comments.

    jessie thanks for the nice comment on my clothes.
    the polka dot top i found while thrifting a few weeks ago at d.i.

    the floral top is forever 21, and the grey pants actually. and, the green shoes, i think are from a shoe store called forever young shoes..

    canadian america family.

    i did use a photoshop action on the photos.

    they most likely are blue lily's action. either one called honey or sweetwater. i adjust the actions to my liking a add a little contrast too.


  4. grant + brittany

    caroline, you are just adorable. i absolutely love your freckles. i have really loved your parties and themes, your talent with interior design and much more. your family is so cute too. anyway just wanted to drop in and give a little hello. your blog is a fun daily read for me.

  5. Holly Knitlightly

    You are sooo cute! And so is your family! You are all adorable. Happy belated birthday! Happy anniversary! That tart looks delicious, and those mini golf holes look so fun! I'm glad you had such a good time.


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