in case you missed it …

October 15, 2010

ohdeedoh featured some fun colorfull cribs yesterday, and my little norah’s was one of them.see more of their colorful cribs they featured, here.see ohdeedoh’s round-up of 10 blue rooms for boys and girls alike, here (norah’s included).see norah’s nursery, here.see norah’s nursery tour on ohdeedoh, here.

7 thoughts on “in case you missed it …

  1. Rey

    Love the color combinations!
    I was wondering, did you paint the crib yourself? If so, would that be a Krylon spray paint "Sun Yellow"?
    I just put the first coat on an antique iron bed for my daughter. If it looks close to this I'll be excited!

  2. Laura

    I may have mentioned this to you before, but Norah's nursery was totally the inspiration for my Natalie's nursery! I just LOVE the colors you chose! And I completely copied the fabric swatch idea. 🙂

    {And also, I wanted to name my daughter Norah but the hubs disagreed. Natalie was my 2nd choice. :)}

  3. Chrystal

    Love the colors! I found your nursery through searching for yellow cribs, and I'm so glad I'm not the only one who decided to go with bright yellow! Everyone thinks I'm crazy…

    I was wondering, what did you use for a top coat? I asked at Home Depot, and they just said, "I wouldn't recommend painting a crib."



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