two rooms …

October 18, 2010

i keep coming back to this room, i love the colors. {designed by jessica helgerson via design sponge}and, this boy’s room from cooking mag is fun too!
i love the malm bed from ikea, and the price. i’m thinking of getting this for my little ezra. my only concern is the sharp corners. anyone have this bed? you like?{via ohdeedoh}

7 thoughts on “two rooms …

  1. .caroline armelle.

    i don't have the exact source, but it looks almost exactly like the color we just painted our basement, which was benjamin moore, grey owl.

  2. Rach

    Chad and I have a a Malm bed. We love it. I think the best way to avoid the corner issue is to make sure they are exposed, no blankets covering them…or else your shins will pay.

  3. cheap kitchens

    Both rooms are so lovely, i really like the colour selection of these rooms, and the bicycle is looks unique.


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