an update …

October 16, 2010

Photobucketi’m starting to make a dent (well, a tiny one) in my fall to do list.

here are a few things we’ve managed to get done so far.

and, many are going to be checked off my list soon!

* decorate for halloween, check!
* go to gardner village to see the witches, check! (wow, was it packed, i forgot it’s fall break for schools)
* make homemade chili for the first time, check! (although, i’m still on the search for a good recipe, any suggestions?)
* finish sewing norah’s halloween costume, check! (i just made the cape, it has a hood too! the little dress i found at a thrift store a while back, making it an easy decision for me to do little red riding hood! she’s going to be so cute! i’m thinking of doing a small white apron too? any thoughts?)

i’m just loving fall so far!

…and, p.s. thanks design mom for the mention on babble about my virtual halloween party post!

2 thoughts on “an update …

  1. Lucy

    I love the little red costume. I like it just the way it is. I think the apron would take away from the cute trim on the bottom. Is big brother the big bad wolf?


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