the bijou market …

November 21, 2010

phew!  this weekend was a crazy busy one, so i am glad i survived. 
the bijou market was a huge success!  thanks to all who purchased some armelle jewelry!  
this was my table at the bijou market.  the lighting was terrible in the corner i was in, so forgive me for the terrible flash photography picture.  i loved the look of my vintage music sheets in the background, but as you can see below, they melted a bit over the weekend.  oh well.  
thanks again!  and, i hope to see you all at the beehive bazaar in less than two weeks.  which means, i have a lot more jewelry to make… again!
** for those of you out of town.  i have been slowly adding these items to the shop, so check them out here.

{photo by emily}

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