please vote for norah’s nursery …

November 4, 2010

ok guys.
i really need your help!
my little norah’s nursery has been selected as a contestant for the small kids, big color contest on ohdeedoh!
please do me a favor, and if you like her nursery, go on over and vote!  you only have 48 hours to vote (until november 6th)
click here to vote!  all you have to do is get a username with apartment therapy here, then you can go on over and vote!
please help norah’s nursery win!! 
thanks in advance!  and, feel free to spread the word!

11 thoughts on “please vote for norah’s nursery …

  1. You Are My Fave

    I usually wouldn't do the whole get a username thing but because I love this nursery so much, I did it. Man, the things I do for you…

  2. Anonymous

    I stumbled upon your blog when looking up decor idea's for my daughter's "big girl room" We just painted the room "Robin's Nest" and I just wanted more ideas. Imagine my surprise when I see your daughter's name is Norah! So is mine!!!! She is now a year and a half and I am expecting #2 so moving her out of the nursery is in the near future. Your Norah's nursery is beautiful and I got some great ideas 🙂



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