chocolate covered cinnamon santa’s …

December 16, 2010

i am a huge fan of chocolate covered cinnamon bears.  so, when i was thinking of a fun holiday treat to make, i thought, why not chocolate covered santa’s?!  i’ve been seeing them around my local grocery stores, and thought it would be a fun twist.  although, i guess it’s kind of hard to tell they are santa’s, but the thought is there, right?

i used chocolate flavored almond bark, because i like it’s smooth texture.

but, i am sure you could use any good melting chocolate, even white chocolate would be great!

you could immediately dip them in crushed candy canes, add sprinkles, or drizzle on other colored chocolate over the top, there are really a lot of options.

Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Santa’s
2 16 oz packages Cinnamon Santa’s {or Bears}
1/2 package Almond Bark in Chocolate Flavor
2 wooden skewers
melt the almond bark by putting have a package of squares broken up in a small microwave safe glass bowl.
melt the chocolate for 90 seconds.  stir until smooth.  if you need to melt it more, do it in 15 seconds increments in the microwave.
after melting the chocolate.  i like to simmer some water in a sauce pan, and place a large bowl on top with my small bowl inside.  this just keeps the chocolate gently heated so it won’t get hard during the process of dipping.
place the wooden skewer in the bottom of the Santa until it holds sturdy, then dip in the chocolate, and tap of the excess chocolate.  place of wax or parchment paper to completely dry. (i use the second wooden skewer to gently slide the Santa off the other skewer)
package up cute and hand out to all your loved ones.  it will be a hit!

{photos by me}

3 thoughts on “chocolate covered cinnamon santa’s …

  1. {jane}

    i'm curious…have your tried the 'startup co.' chocolate covered cinnamon bears from provo that i purchase/am obsessed with? i really want to know how you thought yours turned out… ??? if you haven't ever had them – let me know, i'll get you a box. 🙂


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