DIY: white nutcrackers …

December 17, 2010

i really loved these west elm nutcrackers i spied in their christmas catalog this year.

then, of course i thought to just try to make my own version.
so, i headed to my nearest thrift store and found two handsome guys, for only $2 a piece.

i pulled off their hair and facial hair, sanding off the extra bits (sounds mean, huh?) and, one can of white spray paint later, here are the two handsome fellas now over my fireplace…

i thought they were pretty fun!
and, it all cost me less than $8!

8 thoughts on “DIY: white nutcrackers …

  1. .caroline armelle.

    hi heather.

    i didn't make the wreath, i bought it at a local boutique in provo, utah called the flower basket a few years ago, but i am sure you could make one with shredded paper, a styrofoam wreath and some thread to wrap it in place, although it may be messy..

  2. {jane}

    adorable! i love this! to think of all the nutcrackers i've grown tired of over the years & thrown out! i could have painted them white!!! next year…

  3. mer

    awesome. I bought the West Elm version last year and thought "why didn't I just make this?". you are brilliant for thinking of it and doing such a great job.



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