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December 7, 2010

how was your weekend?  mine was a little crazy with the beehive bazaar, and churning out orders for the shop, then on top of it all, i came down with a nasty cold on sunday.  yuck!  but, i am happy to report that the beehive bazaar went really well, and my cold is on the mend!

i picked up some darling metallic moccasins from freshly picked for norah at the beehive bazaar, i’ve been obsessing over them for a while.

i also picked up some re-usable snack bags from elsa bags for my kids.  i think these will single handedly save the plant because i go through little ziplock snack baggies like crazy at my house.

so, how are your christmas plans going?

i am about 90% done with all my shopping!  i just mainly have a few handmade goodies to make for gifts that i better get started on.  but, all in all, i’m feeling pretty ready considering all i’ve had going on.

also, just FYI.  i have mailed out all orders for my shop that i have received up until yesterday.  so, expect them soon! 

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