playmobil nativity set …

December 10, 2010

while at story time at my local toy store i came across this darling nativity toy set by playmobil.  i just had to buy it.
we have been trying to teach our children about the true meaning of christmas, and while santa clause is fun and all, that we mainly celebrate the birth of christ on christmas.    i think this will be a fun way to continue to teach them about the birth of baby jesus, and they will actually be able to play with it without me worrying about it getting broken.
i love all the details on playmobil toys.  maybe not all the tiny pieces, but they really are cute!

8 thoughts on “playmobil nativity set …

  1. Heather J

    How fun! We love ours. My husband and I bought this nativity before we had kids, kind of random then but we are glad we did because they love it! I'm sure your family will too!

  2. playmobil train

    Great! One of the greatest features of Playmobil is that its designs are made to meet the current trends and interests of young children.

  3. Iliah

    sooo cute! one problem: the only person of color is one wise man!:( i am tan and have tan babies–i love the idea of using a natavity set to teach about Christ..just hard to find ones that really represent what Jesus and His fam really looked like! my little sweetie and i were reading about mary, Jesus, and the Christmas story today in her little bible…and i was sad everytime she asked where Jesus was and i had to point to a little pale baby…if you come across any cute tan Jesus sets let me know! a lady from my church had an awesome nativity set from africa made from banana leaves!


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