repost: christmas packaging …

December 19, 2010

here is another re-post of my christmas packaging / wrapping from last year.

a big part of the fun of gift-giving for me is the packaging.

i used a lot of my favorite things: vintage music sheets, paper doilies, lots of lace, buttons, ribbon, kraft paper, my old school type writer, and bakers twine.

i am hopping to get all our presents for this year ready and wrapped in the next few days.  wish me luck!

how are you wrapping your presents this year?!

5 thoughts on “repost: christmas packaging …

  1. Kristie Lynne

    I take pretty images from magazines and collage them together to use as wrapping paper. I usually wrap twine around it and do some sort of flower or fan thing from the left over magazine pages. It's so fun!

  2. Jessie

    Okay, so I wrapped my first (maybe 5) gifts all pretty with twine and paper doilies….then the rest I got lazy, wrapped them, and then wrote the name with a marker on the wrapping paper. Can you say GHETTO!


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