DIY // be mine Valentine box …

January 13, 2011

can you believe that valentine’s day is only one month away!?

it seems like you just finish one holiday, and you turn around, and there is another.

i have been working with lifestyle crafts as a member of their new design team, and was able to get a kick start on some valentine’s day decorations.

lifestyle crafts has just released their love release, full of some great die cuts that have been really fun to work with!

i made my own version of a fun bethany lowe valentine’s box, that was really easy to make with some of the nesting heart dies, and arrows.

i used cardboard, some vintage music sheets (of course), glitter, modge podge, hot glue, tinsel, and pipe cleaners.

i used the cardboard from a cheerio box, the die cuts were able to cute it nicely.  i figure i’m recycling too!   you can easily cover this up with some of the vintage music sheets, i just wanted to show you the materials i used..

pretty fun!
i’ll share some more valentine inspired things soon!

4 thoughts on “DIY // be mine Valentine box …

  1. {jane}

    how cute, i would love to make those personalized for my kids! {but i know this won't happen…darn it.} but it will send me looking on etsy for someone who will!

  2. Bri

    These are so cute!

    Oh and you can find those hooks at Lowe's or Home Depot in their screws/ nuts/bolts section. I don't know where exactly you are, but at the HD in Provo, they're in aisle 13! And at the Lowe's in Orem, they're in the 2nd aisle on the left from the entrance.


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