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January 27, 2011

so, what is your preferred method for storing your leftovers?

i have recently made the switch to glass, and there is no going back.

to learn more about storing food, and my favorite food storing containers, check out my new post on the zupas blog, here.

*update: many of you asked where to find these glass storage containers.  i just found the same ones at crate and barrel.

{photo by me}

9 thoughts on “storing food …

  1. molly

    I've been wanting to revamp my containers for a while now. I will now make the switch to glass for sure 🙂 where did you purchase yours? I didn't see a link in the zupas post but I may just be blind,ha.

  2. .caroline armelle.

    hi molly.

    i bought these at tj maxx and ross. i can't remember who makes them and it doesn't say on the actual container.. but, you can also look at bed bath and beyond, walmart, target, sams club, costco… they all have a selection of glass food storing containers..

  3. Erin Lamberty

    mason jars for everything! yogurt for breakfast, soups / leftovers for lunch, anything! i drop them into a clean pair of socks before tossing them into my bag just in case. you can never be too careful with glass.

  4. Dianna

    oh yea, i made the switch to glass as well & there's no going back. i love the glass containers from crate & barrel & the glass jars from ikea.

  5. molly

    dianna : i just checked crate and barrel online and their set of 12 glass bowls is on sale for $19 🙂

    great post caroline 🙂 I love useful information! now if only i could cook like you and I'd be set.

  6. Pixie

    Totally with you on glass! I don't feel like I'm killing myself with whatever chemicals leached from the plastic, it's more environmentally friendly AND I found a brand at my local store that is made in the US. amazing! lol

  7. The Maltese Kat

    You are right, glass is the way to go! I love saving jam/jelly jars and filling them with left overs and taking it to work for lunch the next day. The best thing, no staining when you have tomato sauce in them PLUS you can mircowave them without worrying about harmful plastic stuff leaching into your food.
    I have a large pickle jar I love putting green salad in, take it to work, add dressing and shake!

  8. Rey

    I have a few of these I bought at Ross for like, $9.99 or something awesome like that. But since I only have a few, I use mason jars while on the look out for more!
    Great post!


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