10 thoughts on “dressed in white …

  1. Terri

    I love all white interiors… they're so gorgeous! But, I will admit that they strike fear in me with 2 small children & a black cat that sheds A LOT!!

  2. Shalise

    I think I love it for one room…the kitchen or the master bedroom, but I couldn't handle it in the whole house. I'd have to attach dust rags to my arms, or dress in them.

  3. Sarah

    To have all white decor like that would eventually feel boring to me, I think. But I love so many of the elements, especially that wallpaper and the upholstered ottoman/table. I would just need a big pop of color here and there.

  4. {jane}

    i love white & the comeback it's making – i'm trying to add it wherever i can, without going to the extreme of ALL white, and the expense of doing so…but, i love it!

    gorgeous pictures.

  5. Catherine Hansen Peart

    I really love white but, after having lived in an all white apartment at one stage, know that I would have to inject a lot of colour to balance it as well. I go a bit stir crazy after a while without colour.


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