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March 3, 2011

as many of you know, my goal this year is to become a better baker.  i love to cook, but the baking, especially yeast, has intimated me.
so, while talking with my friend, she shared with me her favorite brand of yeast that has never failed.  i love hearing little tidbits like this, because while perhaps everyone knows of the best kind of yeast to buy, i certainly could use some help.
so, what are your favorite baking tips?  do you use dough enhancers? what are you favorite brands?  are there certain kinds of flour that are better than others?  i’d love to know!
also, be sure to check out my zupas post today, all about my new favorite brand of yeast to use!   and, i am sharing a link to my new favorite breadstick recipe too!  click here.

4 thoughts on “baking secrets …


    bobs red mill bread flour does an awesome job of rising. anything else I have to supplement a little gluten. I use coconut oil and honey in my bread. The two seem to make it really moist and delicious.

  2. Jade

    Yea for Saf! Another tip my mom just shared with me is that when you freshly grind your own wheat you don't have to add the oil when making whole wheat bread. She says there is natural oils in the wheat that eventually dries up, which is why you have to put the extra oil in when making bread from store bought whole wheat. I thought that was cool.
    I am excited for your baking recipes you'll share.

  3. Hanna

    My baking tips are:
    1) don't be discouraged if it takes a couple failures to get the knack! Even failures taste good when they are hot.

    2)For %100 whole wheat bread, vital wheat gluten really helps them rise and get fluffy/chewy more like white bread.

  4. Sherice

    I am definitely not a pro in the bread~baking department, but i have learned that Saf is wonderful, and yeast really isn't that scary {just be careful to use luke warm water, so you don't kill it}. Good luck!


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