recycling an old calendar …

March 25, 2011

some calendars are really too cute to just throw away after the year is over.
good thing there are a lot of options on what you can do with the pretty images.

i decided to make a mini desk calendar with my old snow and graham calendar using some of my die cuts from lifestyle crafts.

i used my small circle die cut to cut out some of the pretty images from the back of my old calendar.

then, i cut out a bunch of the coupon booklet dies.

then i attached all my pretty circles, and printed out small calendars on label paper.

and, attached the mini-calendar together with twine.

i thought it was a great way to recycle my old calendar, and also make myself a new mini-one!

so, what do you do with your old calendars?

9 thoughts on “recycling an old calendar …

  1. Lisa

    Love it. Love you. (obviously not in a creepy way)… BTW can you share what sticker paper you used to make your calendars. I have tried a few with no luck! THANKS!!!

  2. Lizzi

    Now THAT is a good idea! I need to get out my exacto knife. It is far too shiny and sharp. I need to use it more!

  3. g*

    Love this idea. I have 3 old snow and graham calendars that i have saved hoping to repurpose them… thanks for the idea!


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