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April 5, 2011

our guest post today comes from annie of annilygreen.
annie is one talented gal who not only has a great blog, but also shows her talents in her amazing designs you can find in her etsy shop, annilygreen.  i am always excited to participate in handmade shows with her so i can see her designs first hand.
thanks again annie for taking the time to guest post!

Hey there!  Annie here…of Annilygreen.  I make and sell things I want to see in the world, and I blog about things I’ve made and things I love. There are few occasions as incredible as a brand new baby, and I’m honored to be here sharing one of my projects while Caroline snuggles those teeny, soft cheeks!
So here’s the story. My two-year-old has started pretending, hardcore.  She found a bucket full of figurines at grandma’s house the other day and had them act out these elaborate scenes (greetings, drama, Winnie the Pooh falling off a table!), which is great…who doesn’t love to see a wee imagination at work?  But.  It seemed too bad that this was all happening with plastic Disney princesses, so I decided to make her some little tiny stuffed characters of my own.  We have my drawing “skills” to thank for their stick-figure-ness.

My daughter says the girl’s name is Tyra (maybe she’s secretly watching America’s Next Top Model), and my husband says the boy’s name is Felipe.  I say they love each other.  They live in the suburbs, which they like, though Tyra sometimes misses the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Sometimes Tyra leaves Felipe some not-so-subtle hints about his breath.  He knows it comes from a place of love, so he doesn’t mind this. He just really enjoys garlic.

They like to spend weekends in their garden where they grow vegetables that are wildly out of proportion. Corn the size of Tyra’s torso?  Yikes. State Fair, here they come!

They’re vegetarians–happily–but sometimes Felipe daydreams.
The point is, these were incredibly easy to make, and my girlie LOVES them (it was a major Good Mommy moment for me….which is rare).  I would say the possibilities are endless for other dolls, but I’m sort of limited to creatures that can be represented with fairly straight lines and no shirts.  So what do you say?  Should Felipe and Tyra have a stick-baby?  A stick-practice-baby…I mean puppy?  Any ideas?
Thanks for having me, Armelle readers and Caroline!

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