guest post: kirsten from 6th street design school …

April 11, 2011

today’s post comes from kirsten of 6th street design school.  kirsten’s blog is a favorite for great home inspiration.  she is a talented interior designer who shares her tricks of the trade, her work, and other great inspiration on her blog.  
i’ve had the pleasure of getting to hang out with kirsten a few times, and she really is such a sweet gal!
thanks again kirsten for sharing your post!
Today I decided to post about one of my favorite new fabric finds! 
As I’ve been sourcing pillows for clients I keep falling in love with this new trellis print. 
These in particular were recently bought for one of my clients and I love them. 
I seriously love these almost as much as the imperial trellis and the price tag is even better. 
The fabric is by P. Kaufmann and you can buy it in a few different color-ways on etsy. 
From here
From here
You can also get the outdoor version in lots of fun colors here. 
I swear a good trellis print never gets old. 

2 thoughts on “guest post: kirsten from 6th street design school …

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  2. Douglass Family

    Okay, so this is a REALLY small world. Not only do I know you Caroline, but Kirsten and I are really great friends! LOVE the fabric … might have to get a pillow for my couch! XOXO to both of ya!


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