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April 15, 2011

today’s post is from rachelle of the popular blog kenziepoo.  rachelle’s blog was inspired by her darling little girl, and she blogs all about her amazing children inspired finds.  i especially love her outfit into room posts!  she is also the editor of a new online children’s magazine called, la petite.  be sure to visit rachelle over on her blog and her online magazine.
thanks again rachelle for taking the time to post on my blog!
Hi my name is Rachelle Francey. I am visiting today! I am of a blogger, mother and editor. I was inspired to start a blog called Kenziepoo, after my daughter Kenzie. I write on everything from clothes to nursery decor. I am also the editor of the online magazine for kids, La Petite. La Petite is releasing it’s 4th issue the first of May. I currently live in Boise, Idaho with my husband and daughter Kenzie.
Here is a sneak peek of La Petite issue 4, which will come out in a couple weeks! I am really excited about this issue and I hope you all like it too!
Photography taken by: First Photo: Monika Elena Second Photo: Emily Ulmer
I recently just took a few images of my daughter Kenzie. She will be turning 3 the end of April. It’s hard to believe how fast they grow up!
Here are a few photo’s of her being my little model!

Here are things that I am obsessing over as of Lately in Kids fashion! Anything Bobo Choses! You can probably tell that I am a big fan because of what Kenzie is wearing! You will love their clothes, and so well priced.
I had so much fun visiting-Rachelle

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  1. ChantaleP

    I love the photography! And can't wait for the newest issue of La Petite.. Kenzie is so sweet and cute, it shows how loved she is. Even all blurry, her eyes are spectacular!


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